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Business Area

During last years Global Automation’s market has increased and also our competences are increased too. In order to better satisfy our customer’s demand , we are organized in 3 main Business area:

- Automotive Glass Industry

- General Industry

- Precision Mechanics and Mold

Our core business is Automotive glass industry, but during last years we have developed high competences also in General Industry and Mold Realizations;

We have increased our machinery and we have specialized technicians for CAD/CAM design & constructions.

Business Area - Global Automation S.r.l.-Vasto
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Automotive Glass Industry

Automatic system for glass' production plant

Automotive Glass Industry - Global Automation S.r.l.-Vasto

General industry

We realized Automatic system for textile production plant and steel industry

General industry - Global Automation S.r.l.-Vasto

Precision Mechanics and Molds

Precision Mechanics and Molds - Global Automation S.r.l.-Vasto

Global Automation realizes made-to-order systems