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About us

About us - Global Automation S.r.l.-Vasto

Global Automation is an high-tech construction equipment industry.

Its high experience is recognised both in industrial automation and precision mechanics sectors.

Its production is addressed to the automotive sector, especially regarding glass work and it collaborates with different leader brands of this sector.

Global Automation creates high quality products, a quality that is highly recognised by its customers.

Global Automation installs its products in the client's plant and moreover it assures a continuous and efficient after sales assistance.

Global Automation is highly committed in obtaining excellence in the automatic machine and general automation sectors.


Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision - Global Automation S.r.l.-Vasto

Global Automation’s vision is that of satisfying its client’s necessities offering solutions before the actual products. Improving the quality of business production systems it our primary ambition.

Our strategy is that of developing innovative solutions.

An innovation which derives from a constant partnership with our clients:

•We listen to their requests
•We develop new ideas
•We study future developments


The team

The team - Global Automation S.r.l.-Vasto

Global Automation is composing a highly specialized staff of engineers and technicians that are able to offer products which satisfy the needs of an ever changing market.

The top management confreres autonomy, responsibility and resources to its TEAM, which is highly committed in creating innovative solutions and aims to:

•Maintain a company identity and precision;
•Promote commitment for excellence;
•Develop intellectual capital.

ISO Quality Assurance

ISO Quality Assurance - Global Automation S.r.l.-Vasto

Global Automation received ISO QUALITY ASSURANCE from BUREAU VERITAS. 


 - ISO 9001  - quality management system

 - ISO 14001 - Environmental management system